Highly trained, certified technicians are key to our business. Because of this, ACDelco is dedicated to providing top-notch training to help keep you up-to-date with vehicle technology. Some of our training is also eligible for Continuing Educational Units (CEU).

We offer a blended learning in the following formats, giving you the ability to select an approach that works best for you.

Plus, if you are an ACDelco Professional Service Center or Key Fleet member, there is no charge for your ILT training. Red Level participants receive one free student, White Level receive three students, and Blue Level is unlimited.

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ACDelco Training

Test Drive Our Training at No Charge

ACDelco is committed to helping technicians have the training they need to be efficient and highly skilled at their job. We're willing to put our money where our mouth is, and offer you a large sampling of our training at no cost to you.

To TEST DRIVE our training:
Test Drive Our Training
  1. Launch the Training site
  2. Click TEST DRIVE on the top toolbar
  3. Select a course type
  4. Click the View link next to the course
  5. Click Launch Course
Test Drive Our Training