Happy employees means more productivity

Vehicle service centers should be looking to make their employees happy not just for their sake, but also because it will help boost productivity.

Recent advancements in the correlation between stress and disease have encouraged workplaces to be more proactive in addressing employee wellness, particularly addressing financial and physical health. The three main cause of stress for people in the United States are money, the economy and jobs.

"Despite recent improvements in the economy, the hangover effect from the recession and slow economic growth continues to erode employees' retirement confidence and overall financial wellness," reads the PwC 2012 Employee Financial Wellness Survey.

As indicated by the PwC Survey, 35 percent of consumers spend one to two hours a week distracted by their personal finances. While vehicle service centers can't do much about the economy or giving away money, there are other ways to increase employee satisfaction.

Offer promotions and other ways to move up
Since a vehicle service center can't just solve an employee's problems by giving them more money, offering a path toward a promotion or raise will. By providing a clearly laid out plan on how to make more money, not only will an employee be happier but it will also help increase productivity at a service center. When a technician has a goal to reach for, especially when it involves making more money, they are likely to be less stressed and more productive.

Provide extra training
Another way to increase an employee's happiness at a vehicle service center is to bolster their expertise. As an employee's knowledge of their craft is a worthwhile expertise to invest in, vehicle service centers should encourage and incentivize ways to offer more training. Again, if an employee is given an opportunity to work toward a goal, they are more likely to be happy and productive. Not to mention increasing certifications only improves the expertise at your vehicle service center. Owners should look into practical ways to encourage their employees to become ASE-certified. There are more than 40 ASE exams pertaining to certain categories that will increase knowledge at any service center: automobile, medium/heavy truck, truck equipment, school bus, collision repair and more.

The effects of creating a positive work environment can't be overstated. While increasing the wellbeing of employees is likely to boost productivity, it is also more likely employees will want to stay at their job and retaining skilled employees is one of the largest issues facing the vehicle service industry.