NACB still taking nominations for body shop awards

The aftermarket automotive industry continues to make strides and the National Auto Body Council wants to give some credit to the professional service centers that are leading in these advancements. The NACB recently announced that it is still accepting nominations for the 2013 Body Shop Image award. The competition looks to highlight the shop with the best remodeling project completed during 2013.

As competitions like this look to give professional service centers credit for their advancements, shop owners should take advantage of this chance to increase marketing. Not only will shop owners have new renovations to their shop, but they would win a expenses-paid trip for two in the U.S., a two-night stay at a hotel and spending money, in addition to the extra recognition their shop will get from winning the competition.

"Our industry continues to exhibit its determination to continually improve its professionalism," said NABC Executive Director Chuck Sulkala. "The remarkable visual and functional improvements in our places of business symbolize this advance, and they need to be shared with the general public. Not only is it important, it's going to be a lot of fun. We're really looking forward to it."

Contestants should send a nomination form to the NABC, as well as three exterior images and one interior image, before and after the renovation for a total of eight pictures.

NABC also accepting nominations for Award of Distinction
The NABC also announced that it is looking for shops that have gone out of their way to promote the collision repair industry, whether it was through a vehicle manufacturer, suppler/vendor, professional service center employee, educator, insurer, independent appraisers or trade association. Again, it's easy for a shop owner to fill out a form to be nominated, and the rewards for a automotive service center are far reaching.

"Anytime someone in the industry does something worthy of the award, we'd like to encourage folks to go the NABC website and fill out the form we provide," said NABC Board Member and Award Chairman Kent Seavey. "The individuals who are so recognized will be featured in our newsletter and automatically become nominees for the Award of Distinction."

The exposure can help any shop get more business and set itself apart from the competition. If a motorist has a choice between some unknown shop and the shop that just received an award it's like they'll choose the former.