The growing mobile market points to importance for implementation in small businesses

The recently released 2013 Global Venture Capital Confidence Survey from Deloitte and the National Venture Capital Association indicated that the global investors are showing the most  enthusiasm for IT-related sectors, with much of the confidence leaning toward the improving mobile technologies.

"After years of enthusiasm for emerging markets, investor sentiment is increasing favorably towards the United States in an environment where venture capitalists remain cautious about the global economy and pessimistic about government policies around investing," said James Atwell, national managing partner of the Emerging Growth Company Practice, Deloitte Services LP. "Uncertainty continues to be the primary concern for investors."

According to the survey, confidence in the global economy increased 17 basis points. In addition, mobile technology was the favorite for venture capitalists across the globe.

Other evidence of growing mobile market
As increasing mobile platforms appears to be the trend for business and investors alike, a separate report shows just how much it is growing. According to a survey from IT solutions provider SpiceWorks, as of May, IT budgets have increased nearly $30,000 when compared to the second half of 2012, up 19 percent.

"The results of our most recent survey highlight optimism among SMB IT departments and a focus on the tools and technologies IT departments need to support their growing businesses," said Kathryn Pribish, voice of IT program manager at Spiceworks.

The growing trend of mobile marketing for businesses was predicted at the beginning of 2013. USA Today released an article of the seven small-business trends to analyze and to no surprise, mobile marketing was on the list. The article states that nearly everyone is doing business on their smartphones, whether they are searching for nearby business or researching products.

What this means for professional service centers
As the mobile market is clearly evolving, professional service centers will want to get on board with the growing landscape. Implementing a mobile website can show a customer that a shop is keeping up with the changing times, and doing what it can to increase customer service. However, that's not the only way improving mobile technology will help professional service centers.

Another trend USA Today predicted would impact businesses in 2013 was offering new payment methods. Professional service centers can combine this trend with mobile marketing by offering mobile payments. This can help not only improve customer service, but also overall business operations in the shop.