Holidays are a great time for email marketing

Although there are a variety of other online marketing techniques professional service centers can use to attract new customers, email is still a highly effective channel. In fact, a survey from Act-On revealed email is still the top marketing strategy with 77 percent of organizations reporting that they use this tactic.

In addition to being the No. 1 preferred marketing outlet, email also has the highest customer acquisition rates. A study from Custora found this rate had quadrupled in the last four years, even as other marketing channels have emerged.

Use the holidays to send special offers to customers
The end of the year is a great time for professional service centers to utilize the power of email marketing. Many automotive repair facilities are located in regions that experience extreme winter weather, so the early parts of December are a great time to remind customers that their vehicles are due for maintenance. Since many people may be driving to visit family members during this time of year, they will not want to have problems with their cars and trucks while traveling.

To maximize the effectiveness of email, professional service centers should consider the following to avoid overdoing it during December:

1. Limit the number of emails
Receiving too many messages will cause customers to unsubscribe from lists. Especially at a time of year when consumers are getting communications from many other businesses in their inboxes, it's important not to bombard recipients. Choose message content carefully to increase effectiveness.

2. Send real offers
Extending fairly minor discounts, such as 10 percent off an oil change may not be an effective tactic because customers will feel their time is being wasted, BusinessNewsDaily said. The same can be said for recycling past promotions with a holiday motif. If professional service centers want to boost end-of-the-year business, they need to make compelling offers. Customers are busy with many other tasks in the time approaching the holidays, so email can also be used to highlight the convenience of taking a vehicle in for service.

3. Include a clear call to action
Email only achieves the maximum effect when marketers include a specific call to action. Recipients need to know what to do next. Professional service centers can include a link to schedule an appointment. However, all links need to be tested in advance because if they don't direct properly, it won't be an effective message.