Automotive service centers can tune up their direct mail marketing

The local nature of most service centers means that direct mail can be especially useful for marketing efforts. Your advertising dollars aren't wasted on reaching areas far beyond your target audience and a simple coupon for a discount on scheduled maintenance - like an oil change - can lead to a long-term customer who keeps coming back to your business.

Business 2 Community says that one of the advantages of advertising through mailers is the reduced competition and static environment of mail. Because the marketing material is physical and handled by your potential clients, they are more likely to look at it and consider the possibilities - it has greater staying power than the ads presented on the Internet.

A little customization goes a long way
Small decisions made when designing and sending out mailed advertisements can significantly influence customer recognition, leading to better impressions of your automotive service center and more visits. Business 2 Community recommends writing out customer names and addresses by hand on your mailers, especially if it's sent in an envelope. The novelty of a handwritten address stands out when mail is gathered and recipients are much more likely to open such pieces.

The effectiveness of personally addressed envelopes is incredibly high, in fact 99 percent of those who receive them will open them, an excellent conversion rate that would be hard for any other form of marketing to match.

The appearance of mailers is another concept to consider. While your printing service will take care of many of the details, you can provide some input to the design to optimize visual attractiveness. The most important part of the mailer -whether it's positive client feedback or discount offers on auto repair - should be placed toward the page's center. Small blocks of text makes mailers easier to read, while the judicious use of images, just one or two, improves visual appearance without creating clutter.

What is written is very important
Entrepreneur magazine gives some advice for the actual words written in your mailer. Simple sentences and a conversational tone can both help your business attract customers. Also, category topics, set up like headlines, that sum up or entice readers to continue taking in the information should be included.

A emphasis on how your business can uniquely improve the appearance and overall health of client vehicles is a good place to start when writing. Focus on attributes like technician training or special equipment that makes your automotive service center especially suited to working on their cars.